Supported Employment

The Arc of Butler County’s Supported Employment Program was founded in 1988. Since then it has:

  • Fulfilled business partner needs with qualified employees
  • Provided support to obtain and maintain community employment with many participants at job sites in the Butler County and surrounding area
  • Provided job shadow and paid work experiences for transition-age youth
  • Adapted to ongoing changes, needs and intervention strategies within the Supported Employment field


  • Assisting with Pre-Employment activities based on individual need and prior experience
  • Attending Interviews with participants when applicable
  • Guidance with determining the job positions to apply for
  • Discussing accommodations needed

Employer Services

Our Team

Supportive Employment Specialists (SES) assist employers by providing direct support to individuals with various disabilities in effort to help prepare them for work and thrive in the work place.

Our Approach

  • Work assessments or Discovery often completed prior to job search to identify strengths
  • Matching individuals to job positions within their abilities and interests
  • On site 1-on-1 Training when necessary – setting up new employees for success
  • Supports fade from job site based on employees progress

What’s in it for your business or company?

  • Workplace diversity
  • Tax credit and other government resources
  • Community outreach and involvement
  • Participants and SES are covered by the liability of The Arc of Butler County while on site
  • Collaboration with SES to promote progress and achieving potential
  • Follow- up Services available at the request of the employer or employee

Pre-Employment Activities

Discovery and Customized Employment

  • Identifies potential employee’s strengths, abilities and interests
  • Visual Resume creation using pictures, certificates, videos, etc.
  • Discovery Profile develops the Customized Plan for Employment (CPE)
  • CPE matches the job seeker to job tasks that can be done for potential employers
  • Customized Employment is a job position designed to meet the various needs of the employer

Job Shadowing and Paid Work Experience

  • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation funding through Pre-Employment Transition Services
  • Available to eligible transition age students (14 to 21) currently in high school or secondary education
  • Opportunity to gain experience within a preferred career through temporary paid work.

Community Based Work Assessments

  • Review previous work experiences, education, training and current interests
  • Gain hands-on work experience
  • Connect with potential employers
  • Determine the essential functions of the position and the reasonable accommodations that might be needed
  • Provide feedback to the participant with the areas of their strength
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