Semi – Independent

The Arc of Butler County’s Semi-Independent Living Services include training and assistance in managing money, preparing meals, shopping, hygiene and other activities needed to maintain and improve the quality of life for individuals with ID/DD and/or ASD living in the community. The goal of this program is to support individuals in ways that help them achieve their goals.

Semi-Independent Living is an opportunity for individuals, who are higher functioning, that want to learn how to live independently while still receiving necessary supports to be successful and maintain health.

This program allows for people to still have oversight by a trained professional in the areas of daily living where they may need more support and training while encouraging independence in the areas where they do well, it is one of the least restrictive settings available but provides comfort and assurance to families who may be wary about their loved ones living alone.

Examples of Service and Activities that help make it possible for individuals to lead self-directed lives:

  • Engage in social and recreational activities
  • Practice transportation skills and obtain transportation knowledge
  • Use appropriate social behaviors
  • Learn and exercise the rights and responsibilities of community living
  • Maintain personal appearance and hygiene
  • Manage money
  • Obtain and maintain a home/apartment
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