Life Sharing

The Arc of Butler County’s Life Sharing Program, previously known as the Family Living Program, is a very unique program which places individuals into the home of community providers for long-term care and training. Individuals in this program are totally integrated into the daily lives of the families with whom they reside. It provides an option for someone with an intellectual and developmental disability (ID/DD) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to get the support they need while living with a paid caregiver.

Life Sharing caregivers support people with ID/DD and/or ASD a home setting. Caregivers make long-term commitments to sharing their home, helping with daily routines, and inviting someone with ID/DD and/or ASD to be part of their family, resulting in lifelong relationships.

As a Life Sharing Provider, you’ll provide a safe and comfortable home environment and support the individual with tasks such as meal preparation, medication administration, arrangement of and transportation to medical appointments, as well as socialization and participation in the community.

Support & Training

The Arc of Butler County provides ongoing training and support to Life Sharing Providers to make sure that they have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to provide excellent care.


During the matching process, The Arc of Butler County assesses the desired lifestyle and goals of the individual and seeks to match them with a provider of similar interests – safeguarding a good placement.


Yes, you will receive financial compensation for the work you do in providing quality care to the individual you support.

Your care will help improve a person’s quality of life by enabling a person to become more independent and stay connected within the community.


Life Sharing is a residential services program that enables an individual with ID/DD and/or ASD to join a provider family, in their private home, as a fully participating member of that family.  Through this high quality long-term living situation that promotes choice and community integration, the individual gets to enjoy sharing life experiences, building mutual relationships and responsibilities.

All Life Sharing Providers must maintain licensure through The Office of Developmental Programs.

As a Life Sharing Provider, you will provide a safe and comfortable home environment and support the individual with tasks such as the following:

  • Meal Preparation and Medication Administration
  • Arrangement of and Transportation to Medical Appointments
  • Socialization and Participation in the Community
  • Life Enrichment and Education Opportunities
  • Day Program, Employment, and/or Volunteer Opportunities
  • Striving to Live an Everyday Life
  • Opportunities for Independence and Growth


  • Less restrictive, more individual-based residential service than group home services with 24/7 support from The Arc of Butler County
  • Being part of a family in a caring, committed home
  • Stability and continuity in one’s life
  • Increased community involvement
  • Appropriate vetting/matching is done to ensure that a successful match is made
  • Providers specifically trained on the individual’s diagnosis, needs, strengths, and interests


  • 24/7 support from The Arc of Butler County Program Specialist
  • Training specific to daily life, diagnosis, needs and interests of the individual and family dynamics
  • Assistance with coordination of the individual’s healthcare
  • The Arc provides a Specialist to work hand in hand to ensure quality services are a top priority and to assist with regulatory requirements so you’re not alone
  • Respite services are available for up to 30 days per fiscal year to ensure providers get a break when needed
  • The Arc of Butler County offers supplemental service such as Behavior Specialist Services, CPS, and Day Programming options


The Life Sharing Program is subcontracted work and providers receive a federally tax-exempt stipend every month to cover service and room/board. The individual’s income and benefits cover their own medical expenses and personal purchases.

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