In Home and Community Supports

The Arc of Butler County’s In-Home and Community Supports Program goal is to assist and train individuals with disabilities to live independently. These individuals can be those who already live independently or those who live with family/non-paid caregivers.  These outings may consist of training in the use of public transportation, shopping, and opportunities for involvement in volunteer organizations, and other learning activities that help the individuals to be more independent in a community setting.

For individuals who live independently in the Community:

  • Provides an opportunity to ensure that a healthy living environment is maintained
  • Ensures that medication management is being followed – with assistance and guidance as needed
  • Provides assistance with medical appointments and transportation
  • Encourages healthy eating/dietary assistance and meal preparation
  • Allows for access to local community resources and provides an opportunity to attend other wider spread social events they may not have the means to attend otherwise
  • Motivates individuals to try new things and seek new experiences
  • Provides many opportunities to meet new people and diversify their lives in meaningful ways

For individuals who live with Family/unpaid caregivers:

Provides all the same opportunities previously mentioned while giving the family the peace of mind that their loved one is experiencing new and different opportunities but with a trained professional that will ensure health and safety while seeking fun and exciting prospects.

Both areas of this service encourage people to have an active and thriving social life with community involvement and provides the companionship most people desire while enjoying these opportunities.

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